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IOS, watch, TV and more … bring on the updates!

Well, the whole gammut has been released. As predicted, IOS was to be released today and This Apple Vis post titled iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Now Available With New Features and Accessibility Enhancements has all of the details on IOS and Ipad.

I experienced one of these when placing a facetime call yesterday, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Here is the post on TV OS called tvOS 17 Now Available; Bringing FaceTime to the Apple TV, an Updated Control Center, and Improvements to Apple Fitness+ for those who have a TV from apple and want to see what’s new.

For those who have apple watch, I’m not excluding you either. Here’s Apple Vis’s post on that too. Its titled watchOS 10 Now Available With Stackable Widgets, Updated Apps, New Workout Features, and More.

If you’re blind or deaf-blind, Scoot at AppleVis does have our rundown. I’ve not read this as of writing time, but plan to by the time this posts.

Don’t forget that we blogged earlier this morning about ios 17 and had a blog post from Apple Vis that talks about what has been fixed, what’s buggy and the like.

If you decide to wait for a bit as a bug might be too problematic to you, that’s great. Just make sure you update to 16.6.1 for a critical fix to fix a zero-day.

blog post

Whatever you do, please make the right decision for you. The press like 9to5mac and others will have more mainstream coverage, you are welcome to search these out through social media or your RSS.

Happy updating!

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IOS, watch, TV and more … bring on the updates! was released on September 18, 2023 at 11:30 am by tech in accessibility newsand issues,article commentary,security news and commentary.
Last modified: September 18, 2023.

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