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APPLE watch 7

I didn’t see this when perusing Apple Vis on Wednesday, and am seeing it now as I peruse. Info on Apple watch 7 can be found. Since I’m not an apple watch user, I do not have experience with this, so someone else will have to let the blog know what they think. Enjoy!

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Braille Note Touch gets updated, signing in to Google is possible

Hello folks,

Checking in with Blind Bargains this morning, I found something that might be of interest if you use the Braille Note plus note taker. It has gotten updated to sign in to Google using the O-Auth protocol as well as reading PDF files directly by extracting the text from the file.

I know that a lot of PDF files are images, so how would that work if that was the case? It doesn’t say.

To read more, here’s the blind bargains post: Software update for the BrailleNote Touch Plus adds pdf support, sign in with google, and more is the article, and I hope that this is of value.

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Jaws August Edition now out

The August Edition of Jaws is now out. Most of the following has been covered in the upcoming podcast for the tech podcast, I did miss just a couple of items.

Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2008.24 (August 2020)
The following is a list of improvements made between the June 2020 release and the August 2020 update.
To download the latest release, visit the
Downloads web page.
You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

• Once you have installed this August 2020 update, the English language versions will now include notification of official releases of new versions such
as the 2021 release coming out later this year. When you check for updates using the English versions of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion, major updates will
now also appear in the list once they are released. If your license is authorized to run the new version, the update can be installed. Otherwise, the update
is shown along with a message stating that a license renewal is required for use of this new version to work in other than 40 minute mode.
• Resolved an issue reading Tables in Microsoft Word 365 where JAWS was reporting “table” at the beginning of each row as you navigated by line.
• Resolved an issue with navigating tables in Chrome reported by Google where cells containing the ColSpan (column span) attribute were causing issues
when navigating by cell.
• Resolved an issue in Microsoft Word where text that was previously hidden and then unhidden, was not being read using speech.
• In Chrome and Edge, resolved an issue where selecting text from Right to Left was very sluggish in edit controls.
• Resolved an issue where HTML controls that started with punctuation were not reading as expected.
• Resolved an issue in Internet Explorer reported by SSA where JAWS was not honoring the language tags in ARIA live regions.
• Updated the Help Topic for Microsoft Edge to reflect support based on the latest Edge Chromium browser.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was overly verbose when tabbing to a Video Player on web pages in Chrome and Firefox.
• Resolved a reported issue where Mouse Echo in Excel was too verbose, especially when moving the mouse across empty cells. These improvements make mouse
navigation with Fusion much better.
• When using Google Docs with Chrome, resolved an issue reported by Google where pressing the ALT key to access the Docs menu would sometimes unexpectedly
open the Chrome menu instead.
• Posted a TSN on the support pages for JAWS and Fusion customers using the latest version of Skype from Microsoft. A problem has been introduced with
this update which causes our software to stop reading correctly. The work around is to activate the menu with the ALT key, and then press ESC to leave
the menu and return to Skype. The issue has been reported to Microsoft and we anticipate it will be resolved in the near future.
• Resolved reported issues in Google Sheets where accurate column or row headings were not always being reported as expected while navigating.
• Resolved a reported issue in Libre Office where JAWS and Fusion would fail to read every other line after opening a document that was previously edited
and saved.
• Resolved issues reading prior messages in Zoom meetings and webinars using the JAWS commands, CTRL+1 through 0.
• Updated scripts and Help files provided by Corel Corp with changes to improve support for WordPerfect.
• Resolved problems where JAWS Personalized Web settings, accessed in Quick Settings (INSERT+V), were not saving and loading correctly. Personalized Web
Settings allow you to customize JAWS settings for a particular website. For example, if you have a particular page where you do not want JAWS to Automatically
read, you can make that change apply only for the specific domain rather than global.
• Added updated Braille display drivers tested and provided by Humanware to support new Braille devices shipping as of August 2020.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the ALT Text for Graphics in both Chrome and Edge. Previously, JAWS was reading the Title.
• In Chrome and Edge, JAWS now relies on the “layout-guess” attribute to determine when a table is a layout or data table. Previously, JAWS could make
mistakes when the browser’s zoom level was very high, such as 200%.
• Resolved a reported issue in Outlook where pressing CTRL+E to access the Search option on the ribbon, would not work as expected when the JAWS Virtual
Ribbons were enabled.
• Resolved an issue in Word 365 where JAWS would announce “misspelled” on each character instead of when you first encounter the misspelling when JAWS
is configured to detect spelling errors as you navigate.
• Resolved an issue where navigating to www.kmiz.com using Chrome was causing a hang in JAWS as it was attempting to process this site.
• Resolved an issue with the new Braille Viewer where “Computer Braille” was being announced under certain circumstances when navigating in Outlook.
• Added a Topic to the Help System to include all Layered Keystrokes. Previously, only the Table Layer commands were included.
• Added 8 Dot Braille Translation Table for Dutch.

For complete information about how to get your update, go to this jaws page for complete details.

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Blind bargains puts up newsy things, there may be something for everyone

Good day everyone,

Blind Bargains usually runs a weekly podcast. There are two different categories of news, one for blindness related and assistive stuff, and some other tech news. Some may be in the Security Landscape.

This post is a couple of days old and I’m now seeing it. If you’re on either podcast, and you find sonething you want to talk about or me for the security box, feel free to send me the article in question.

This is the Blind Bargains post: BBQ In Review: A pile of news to smooth things over until our next podcast is the article. The last podcast as you remember featured me in the middle of the program. I’ve not yet checked out the program in full, but I need to.

If there is anything in this list, please let me know. I look forward in hearing from you!

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Firefox upgrades, fixes in the works and a great fix for Jaws users

Hello everyone,

I was having issues accessing some sites including this blog’s posting page after upgrading to 78.0.1 some time ago.

I got interested in what was new as I saw it pop up just now as I wanted to go check something out and saw that firefox was updated.

Here’s what is fixed in version 79.

  • Various security fixes.
  • Several crashes while using a screen reader were fixed, including a frequently encountered crash when using the JAWS screen reader.
  • Firefox Developer Tools received significant fixes allowing screen reader users to benefit from some of the tools that were previously inaccessible.
  • SVG title and desc elements (labels and descriptions) are now correctly exposed to assistive technology products such as screen readers.

Want to read the entire release notes? Please head on over to the firefox release notes page for the full details.

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What is the state of Antivirus today? Is it about dead?

I read an email now twice, and it made me think the first time about the status of whether it is worth using Antivirus software. Companys like Eset, Trend Micro, and Norton are household names in this industry. Recently, I got an email from someone who wanted me to link to Eset in a piece I ran way back many years ago. I normally don’t do this because people don’t go back that far, but the email I got from Shaun got me to think.

I really like the way Trend Micro worked when I used it. It blocked things that were potentially harmful, and I could still view the portions of the page that were safe. If the entire web site was bad, they let you know! They’ve got a vast network and use the cloud to help keep you safe by proactively blocking bad URL’s or web sites as its been known.

I’ve also used Norton and Eset, and both were good in their time. While I’m not going to say one way or another whether any of these products are good today, I know that Windows Defender is not. I know this because I purposely downloaded a file I knew was bad. This program never picked it off. I think I deleted it now, but if Defender is to be good, it would know about this potential file because it came from an email claiming that I had an invoice, or some such thing.

In 2017, I wrote a very interesting blog post Antivirus and the disabled computer user where I ask the question of what is accessible out there. Two different products came out and none were products like Eset or even Trend Micro. I did download home, and never installed it.

In recent discussions, someone who does a technology show on the mix indicated I should get Malware Bytes. I’ve never used it, but the feedback I got indicated that it was accessible, and I’ve been contemplating downloading it.

In June 2020, I got the following Email from Shaun which sparked me thinking about this again, and I told the person I’d put a link to eset in to a post after thoroughly reviewing the following email.


Got this from another list I am lerking on.

Reviewing the windows release info there is something about avast.

What scares me is that avast own avg now.

So your supposed security software can smash your system to bits now.

You know I am so happy I no longer use security software bar windows defender with many excludes.

I do have and run from time to time malwarebytes but if this is the state of security software, then I’d rather get a virus, or hacked, or have to pay
a ransom.

I read the forums linked to from one of the posts and several others in the same vain and many people have had their systems completely destroyed.

Its a shame I have to say that, but maybe our security companies are getting to greedy on things.

Some of these guys that got hit actually payed for this shit, guess they won’t be coming back.

Not without reformatting and reinstalling everything at any rate which is what I would do.

I am surprised no one is suing over this, I’d at least want my money back and would never go back.

So pleased I quit the comercial security suite thing back in 2007.

My friend or at least one of them and his family are still wedded to norton.

After hearing all this, its really stopped me trusting any security suite or any anti anything software period at least all thirdparty things.

I’ll take passive preventitive protection and on demand protection but all these active defence live protections seem to be more trouble than they are

In my case it works but I have had to exclude so much of my drive from the viruses thing I may as well not bother running something like security.

And if microsoft gets really annoyed its starts saying system files that don’t exist have issues.

So far these are programs I can do without but I still get mad at all this.

In 2007 when it was accessibility it wasn’t to bad, it only got really bad in 2012 and didn’t get really bad till the end of last year beginning of this

I first noticed it after symantech got norton back in 2003, before that I actually used things and they worked.

The forwarded message links to two links about Windows 10 version 2004.

The first, Windows 10, version 2004 and Windows Server, version 2004 Known Issues and the second Resolved issues in Windows 10, version 2004 and Windows Server, version 2004. On the accessibility front, Blind Bargains posted Windows 10 2004 is Available; Narrator Gets Improved Web and Outlook Support, Even Firefox Compatibility on June 11th.

All of this is great, but what about the security software? Where does it stand with all of this? I don’t want to use inferior software that is not accessible enough to use to set up or even use if it does detect a problem.

Is MSE the best we can do? Windows Defender? Please sound off!

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Dice World gets blocking feature, ability to unblock

Dice World’s developer recently released an update to their popular Dice World game with the capability of blocking people easier and a management system to undo the block should you have made a mistake and blocked the wrong person.

This is a step in the right direction, and it works across the board, forums and games, based on my knowledge of how it works.

Recently, I’ve talked about Dice World in a different light where people have gone to the platform asking for money, dates, personal information, and the like. The blocking system is great for those who utalize it, and I’m sure that it’ll be utalized inappropriately too by users who block just to block with really no knowledge on why they’re doing it except they feel the person is Spam.

There are different types of spammers, ones that go after information, the other that just is annoying. What Dice World’s program needs are moderators who can clear out the personal information crap, assist in any question answering, and help report the bugs directly to the developers of the application.

Running a platform one handed so to speak is hard. I understand there is one developer now, and he’s doing the best he can. With Coppa a big concern, we’ve got more problems now than we’ve had before with the edition of the forums.

I’ve penned several articles on Dice World, but this one entitled Hands Off Dice World, we don’t want you here links to various articles including an earlier blog post and other relevant info.

My goal on this post is to update you on steps you can take which now includes blocking any suspicious activity on the forums so the actors can’t contact you. This is a great step and is praised. Thoughts?

To unblock anyone, just go to your settings, blocking, and if you have people, there should be options to unblock.

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WWDC, it went virtual, and a lot is out there

As I’ve stated, I’m trying to catch up on blog posting, and the recent news has been on WWDC, Apple’s June event. While i taped a podcast with Blind Bargains, they were delayed with WWDC and its big this year.

First, I went to see what Apple Vis had on the topic. Not disappointing me, they did, and it is very detailed. WWDC 2020: New Software and Fresh Chips is the blog post and mehgcap, the author of the blog, did a great job on this one. It is very detailed, and hey! I really like the idea of the car key idea. We won’t be using it, but I happen to agree that it is a cool feature! We’ll have to see how it works in practice.

Next, Blind Bargains has two items that is of value. They cover some voice over specific IOS stuff in their blog post entitled #WWDC: VoiceOver Gains New Image Description Capabilities among other Changes. Their other item is Blind Bargains Qast 211: WWDC Goes 2 11. While I was penciled in for 211, Its OK to be put off as this event is a big event and the podcast linked here has tons of links to various other pages around the web that might be of interest.

I hope this is of value to you, and thanks so much for reading the blog!

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Jaws, June 2020

Its been awhile since I’ve been blogging, and I hope to change this. The following is a blog post talking about the new updates to Jaws and the section we take from is from the June 2020 section of the web page. For complete details, go to the what’s new in Jaws Screen Reading web page where you can check out what is new in 2020 and get incremental updates like this one, April, and other updates that you may have missed.

Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2006.12 (June 2020)

The following is a list of improvements made between the April 2020 release and the June 2020 update.
To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page.
You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

Updated Braille and Text Viewers

For many years, the JAWS Braille Viewer has been a very helpful tool for visually displaying on screen, the textual representation of exactly what JAWS
is outputting on a refreshable braille display. This is very useful for sighted instructors, script writers, and testers who do not read braille or have
limited or no access to an actual braille device. The Braille Viewer represents the number of cells on the currently connected braille display. For example,
if a Focus 80 or Focus 14 is connected, you will see 80 or 14 cells on the screen. If a physical display is not in use, the Braille Viewer will represent
a 40 cell display including status cells.
In JAWS and Fusion 2020, we have made several much needed updates including improved support for displaying contracted braille, the ability to show braille
text as well as the actual braille dot patterns, and a visual connection so a sighted person can see which dot patterns are used to represent characters
and words. We have also added Layered keystrokes to simulate display panning which will really benefit sighted script writers.
To activate the Braille Viewer, navigate to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Enable Braille
Viewer. You can also now press the new layered command INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by V, and then B to toggle the Braille Viewer on or off. The following
braille navigation commands are also available after pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, V:

• Pan left: LEFT ARROW
• Pan right: RIGHT ARROW
• Prior line: UP ARROW
• Next line: DOWN ARROW

The popular Text Viewer utility has also been brought over to JAWS and Fusion. This will be a welcome addition especially for those who previously used
The Text Viewer displays a continuous line of text across the top or bottom of your screen. It provides clarity and ease of reading by allowing you to
work in a live application while referencing normalized text in the Text Viewer window. You control the text formatting (font styles and colors) that displays
in the window so that it is easier for you to read documents, e-mails, Web pages, and more. This is very useful when you encounter text that is difficult
to read because of its formatting, varying sized text, and contrasting colors used in the application.
The text shown in the Text Viewer window follows your navigation within Windows. For example, if the cursor is moved, the text at the cursor position displays
in the Text Viewer window. Likewise, if you navigate with the mouse, the text that comes in contact with the mouse displays in the Text Viewer window.
When used in Fusion, Text Viewer eliminates the need to adjust the magnification level of the screen when trying to follow along with what Fusion is reading.
This is especially helpful when reading with Say All (INSERT+DOWN ARROW).
To activate the Text Viewer, go to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Enable Text Viewer.
You can also press the new layered command INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by V, and then T to toggle the Text Viewer on or off. The Text Viewer also provides
easy right and left line panning keystrokes. After pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, V to enter the Braille and Text Viewer layer, press CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or CTRL+LEFT
The Braille Viewer/Text Viewer is a visual only option and the PC focus does not move to this window. Once activated, it will automatically start whenever
JAWS or Fusion is restarted. The Braille and Text Viewer window resizes your application windows to avoid covering anything someone may need to work with,
and when closed, the windows go back to full screen. You can place the windows on the top or bottom of the screen as well as customize the font, point
size, and the background and foreground colors for displayed text. The Braille and Text Viewer even works in a multiple monitor setup. To configure these
options, go to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Settings.
Note: Fusion must be running in Full Window Mode in order to use the Braille and Text Viewer. If a user switches to Lens or Split View while the Braille
or Text viewer is active, it will be suspended until you return to Full Window magnification.

New Option to Keep Wireless Speakers and Sound Cards from Clipping Speech When JAWS or Fusion Begins Speaking

Many modern Bluetooth headphones and speakers as well as some onboard sound cards shut down when no audio is received in order to conserve battery. JAWS
now includes a new option, which when enabled, keeps these devices awake by constantly playing silence. You will not hear anything, but your device will
remain active, resulting in more consistent speech. To enable this feature, open Settings Center (INSERT+6) on the number row, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load
the default settings, and search for “Avoid speech cut off when using Bluetooth headphones or some sound cards.”
Note: The battery of your headphones/speakers could drain faster if you choose to turn on this feature. This option is also not available if the Audio
Ducking feature is enabled which lowers the audio volume of programs while JAWS speaks.

Other Changes

• When connecting to a remote computer using remote access software (Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware Horizon, or Amazon WorkSpaces), JAWS and Fusion can
now get its remote authorization from a license installed locally on the remote computer if it is running a work station operating system like Windows
10 Professional. For example, you have a JAWS Professional license with remote access authorization on a Windows 10 computer at your office which you sometimes
connect to from home using Remote Desktop, but you only have a Home Annual license with no remote authorization on your personal computer. When you establish
a remote connection between your home and work computers, as long as you are running the June 2020 release or later of your Freedom Scientific software,
JAWS will use the license on your work computer to enable the remote access flag.
If connecting to a remote computer running a server operating system like Windows Server 2019 which supports multiple user connection, JAWS and Fusion
will continue to only use the license on the client or a Freedom Scientific network license server for authorization.
• To address reported issues with removing ILM timed licenses, new options have been added to the License sub menu located in the JAWS Help menu. Select
Remove current activation to remove the JAWS activation key or select Remove all products activation to remove any activation keys for JAWS, Fusion, ZoomText,
or MAGic installed on your computer. If you perform a full install of the June 2020 update or later, a new Remove all products ILM activation shortcut
is also added to the Utilities folder.
• Beginning with the June 2020 release, if you perform a clean install, the option to send anonymous usage data as you use JAWS and Fusion is now enabled
by default. If you install as an update, you will be asked if you want to turn this feature on if it is not already enabled. Having this feature on is
necesary to use certain features such as Picture Smart. See our
Anonymous Data Collection Policy
for more information about what we collect.
• When installing JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion, there is now a link to view the End User License Agreement on the Freedom Scientific website.
• In Excel, resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected in the Sort By combo box.
• Removed the Stock Quotes Research It lookup source as this information could no longer be retrieved due to significant changes to the NASDAQ website.
• Pressing ENTER no longer turns off Forms Mode in edit fields. Forms Mode now only deactivates when focus moves away from an edit field when using Auto
or Semi-Auto or when you press ESC or the PC Cursor command (NUM PAD PLUS or CAPS LOCK+SEMICOLON).
• The option to have JAWS and Fusion announce nesting levels for list items in web-based editors like Google Docs is now enabled by default to be consistent
with Microsoft Word. If you do not want to hear this information when reading bulleted or numbered lists, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) and turn off List
Nesting Level Announcement.
• Improved JAWS indication of ARIA group names for check boxes and list items.
• Resolved an issue using JAWS with the about:config page in Firefox which allows you to configure advanced preferences or experimental features.
• Addressed an issue where button labels were being announced twice when using INSERT+B to read the contents of some dialog boxes.
• Addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not announcing indentation in the Visual Studio Code application.
• Added a new JAWS dictionary entry for TPGi.

That’s it. Feel free to read the web page linked at the top of this post for full details and links, and thanks for reading!

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Here is some information on chromebook accessibility

In an earlier blog post I had asked for assistance so I can learn more about the chrome book and its accessibility. Today, I stumbled upon this google blog Chromebook accessibility tools for distance learning which gave valuable ideas for many types of disabilities, not just the blind.

It talks about Chromevox, the screen reader that comes with the chromebook.

For those who are interested in this, this blog post should be of use to you. I hope that it is, and feel free to take advantage of the resources. Since I don’t have a chromebook, I can’t do any more than pass this along. Thanks for reading!

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and others move blindness conventions online

Hi all,

Armando sent me NFB’s announcement on holding virtual and on sight meetings later inJuly because of the Corona virus.

I read the NFB publication and I’ve decided to pass this along.

I’m only making this informational.

Blind Bargains also has 5 Considerations for Running a Virtual National Convention during COVID-19 which I’ve not read yet, but it should also go here as well.

While NFB has decided to use Zoom, and a notice of my complex doing thesame, do note the particulars with thats discussed around the media. Will need to stay safe, and we can stay safe, together.

I hope that this information is of value to people, and make it a great day!

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There is a new way of writing braille coming to Android

The Google blog is reporting that starting today, a braille keyboard will be available when using talkback for Android. Instructions are given within the google posting on how to enable it. Talkback gestures are not available when the keyboard is in focus.

Want to learn mnore? A new keyboard for typing braille on Android by A new keyboard for typing braille on Android is what you need to read, and I hope that this is of value.

Thanks to Andrew for sending this out to us, and I hope you may find it of value if you use this operating system!

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Apple Releases iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 With FaceTime and Bluetooth Bug Fixes

Today, Apple has released IOS 13.4.1 bringing a few fixes. From what I’m hearing on twitter, there may also be some voice over fixes as well. This apple vis post Apple Releases iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 With FaceTime and Bluetooth Bug Fixes goes in to more detail.

I can’t vouch for what is fixed or regressed. Go through and see what you think.

I’m just passing it along.

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New ways on accessing books on BARD mobile for IOS

Here is something for those of us who use BARD. Remember, the new BARD app was released some time ago.

Over the coming weeks, they say, we’ll get info on some of the new features.

Here’s today’s email I found, and I hope it is of value to you.

New ways to find books with BARD Mobile for iOS

Hello everyone,

The new version of BARD Mobile for iOS includes a variety of exciting features, and we’ll tell you about several of them in detail over the next couple of months. One of the most exciting is how much easier it is to find books similar to your current book. From any list of books, you can easily select a book and find other books by the same author, in the same series, and on the same subject. Here’s how:

Open a list of books such as a bookshelf category, your wish list, or Recently Added to BARD.
Find a book that interests you.
If you use VoiceOver, touch the book title and flick up or down. You'll move through a set of options called an action menu. The menu wraps, so you will eventually reach all the options whether you flick up or down. Most of the options are the same regardless of the book list you are in, but some vary from one list to another. For instance, if a book isn't on your device, there's a Download option. If it isn't in your wish list, there's an Add to Wish List option. And if it is on your device, there's a Delete option.
All action menus include these options:
    All books by [author's name]. If there's more than one author, each author has a separate entry.
    All books in [subject]. If there's more than one subject, each subject has a separate entry.
    All books in [series] if the book is in a series.
Double-tap when you get to the option you want. A screen opens that lists the books in that category.

Note that every book on this new screen has the same options as in other lists. This makes it easy to download multiple books by the same author or in the same series or add them to your wish list.

If you don’t use VoiceOver, or you don’t want to use the action menu, you can reach the same options as follows:

Choose the More Info button to the right of the book of interest.
Choose the More Actions button to the right of the author's name, just below the title. A screen opens that lists all the options discussed above, as well as a Cancel button at the bottom.
Choose the option you want.

If your book is in a series, the final option before Cancel is a Subscribe button that allows you to subscribe to the series. If you do, any new books in the series are automatically added to your wish list when they are posted to BARD. We’ll talk about series subscriptions in more detail in a future post.

As you can see, it’s now easy to find and download multiple related books. Please remember, though, that these books aren’t going anywhere, and you don’t need to download them all at once. You can add them to your wish list and download them when you’re ready to read them.

Happy reading,

The BARD Support Team

Thanks for reading!

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A very thoughtful blog post from a technology guy now at home

I was looking at Apple Vis to determine what if anything I needed to talk about here as informational. I found a very thoughtful blog post on there on how technology is helping them stay in touch with the people they care about since nobody is venturing out. I thought this would be appropriate to share here, because there is no many articles out there about the dangers, and nothing about how technology is helping people like us, the disabled.

The article itself is not technical, and it doesn’t talk about any particular app, but is more of a thoughtful piece.

I’ll be putting this in the accessibility section, as it fits there. While a few apps are mentioned, nothing is detailed.

Staying Home: Already a Pro is the article title, and you’re welcome to discuss it here or on Apple Vis.

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Taking the sensus? You can

I’ve never taken the sensus before, so when I got multiple letters saying ensus, I wasn’t sure what was happening. Using AIRA services, I got a code and a web site. I went there, entered the code, and found it to be very accessible. Blind Bargains has a post on this by J.J. and it may lend some additional information. It’s Time to be Counted: How to Take the 2020 U.S. Census Now is the post, and I hope it finds value if you need help.

Thanks for reading. And Thanks Sensus for making the site accessible to us.

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Mac, Watch, TV, and other updates

Apple Vis is reporting that Mac, TV, Watch, and other products have been also updated today as well as the IOS updates. Here is the Mac, Watch, and TV post: Apple Releases macOS Catalina 10.15.4, watchOS 6.2, and tvOS 13.4 for those who want to review it themselves.

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Firefox gets an update in firefox 73 for low vision users who use magnification

In non-corona news, Blind Bargains is reporting that if you use options to magnify the screen for your use with firefox, there’s now going to be a global option for that in firefox 73. This deals with a global zoom option and some backplate options. Tangela has the complete details on this Blind Bargains post: Firefox version 73 introduces several low vision improvements which you can find of interest like I did. While I use a screen reader, its important to cover news like this for those who use magnification. Thanks Firefox!

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IOS 13.4 is released

Several posts ago, I posted an apple vis post talking about IOS 13.4 and its release today. They braught it up to the front of their page, and I think it’ll be good to post this. [Update: Now Available] Apple to Release iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 on March 24; With Several New Features, but Mixed News for Blind and Low Vision Users is the updated post and there may be new things that may or may not have been covered before.

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Jaws releases March 17, brings free use to everyone through June 30th

I’ve got two pieces of news crossing my desk. As part of the required reboot process for Windows Update, Jaws prompted me to get and install an update. It is dated 3/17/20 and here are the notations from Jaws’s web site.

• In Office 365 and 2019, JAWS and Fusion now properly announce column and row titles for tables in Word documents when navigating using JAWS table reading
keystrokes (ALT+CTRL+ARROW keys). For users who prefer to turn off reading of titles while navigating tables for the current document or for all documents,
these options can be configured through JAWS Quick Settings (INSERT+V) by searching for “table” or “title.”
• If the view in Outlook 365 or 2019 is set to show messages by date, JAWS and Fusion will now indicate using both speech and Braille the date change when
you move from one day to the next in messages lists. For example, as you navigate a list of messages covering multiple days, when you move to the first
message in the new date group, you will hear announcements such as “today,” “yesterday,” “last week,” or “two weeks ago.”
• In Microsoft Teams, addressed an issue where JAWS was not always reading as expected when navigating between messages in a conversation thread.
• Resolved an issue where Microsoft Teams would stop responding for several seconds when CTRL+BACKSPACE was pressed to delete a word in a chat edit field.
• Added a new Language Processing group, located under Text Processing in Settings Center. This group now contains the options for configuring language
detection which allows JAWS and Fusion to automatically switch to the appropriate synthesizer language when encountering text in documents and web pages
in different languages.
• In response to customer feedback, the keystroke to display the text of the current control in the JAWS Virtual Viewer so it can be selected and copied
has been changed to INSERT+SHIFT+V. In Microsoft Teams, this command will also virtualize the currently selected item in a list of messages in a conversation.
• The PC Cursor is now active by default in the Weather, News, and Windows Store applications. Since this cursor now works much better in these apps, it
is no longer necessary to use the Touch Cursor.
• JAWS now indicates when text on a web page is marked as deleted or inserted.
• Addressed issues with JAWS and Fusion not always reporting the correct information when navigating tables in Chrome and Edge Chromium.
• When using the ARROW keys or Navigation Quick Keys to move between controls on web pages like check boxes, resolved an issue where the visual highlight
was not properly tracking the location of the Virtual Cursor.
• Addressed an issue where pressing Navigation Quick Key G to move to graphics on web pages was not working as expected in both the Chrome and Edge Chromium
• Addressed a customer reported issue with JAWS not identifying edit fields on certain websites in Chrome.
• If Contracted Braille input is enabled and you select all text in a document using CTRL+A, resolved an issue where using the Braille command LEFT SHIFT+D
(DOTS 1-4-5) was not deleting the selected text as expected.
• Removed extra blank lines that were appearing in the JAWS Virtual Viewer when using WINDOWS Key+SEMICOLON to display comments in Word documents.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where attempting to use voice aliases to indicate attributes such as bolded text were not working when using Vocalizer
• Resolved an issue where the emoji for a red heart was being incorrectly spoken as a black heart.
• When using the Wikipedia Research It lookup source, only the link to the article is now displayed. Due to changes with the Wikipedia website, JAWS is
no longer able to retrieve the synopsis.
• You can now press INSERT+SHIFT+B in either desktop or laptop keyboard layout to obtain battery status and charging information as well as network connection
status. You can also still use CAPS LOCK+SHIFT+B in the laptop keyboard layout to read this info.
• Added a new dictionary entry for “endnote” that is specific to the Eloquence synthesizer to improve this announcement for Fusion users. Other synthesizers
like SAPI5 and Vocalizer Expressive already speak this correctly.
• Resolved a long-standing issue where configuring individual punctuation settings for a voice profile using the Voice Adjustment dialog box was not working
properly. For instance, if you set the punctuation level to None for the PC Cursor voice, but leave it set to Most for the JAWS Cursor, Keyboard, and Tutor
and Message voices, JAWS should now use the correct punctuation setting depending on the active voice.
• Updated the JAWS Hot Key Help (INSERT+H) for Skype to remove references to the Back button that existed in prior Skype versions and is now no longer

Also coming from Freedom Scientific’s home page, Jaws is now free for personal use through June 30, 2020. The entire message is available with a link on Freedom Scientific’s web site. During this difficult time, this is nice to see. Please stay safe, and thanks for reading.

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